Spa Time Baby Cozy Cape Giveaway

Make bathtime more cozy with the Spa Time Baby CozyCare Cape! This is just what every mom needs at bathtime to dry off that slippery baby or toddler.  I always felt a little awkward trying to get my wet baby out of the bath with a bulky towel.  I felt like it was a juggling act and I was always scared I’d drop my little ones! The CozyCare Cape is very cool because you WEAR it and just pick baby up and wrap your arms around him or her and VOILA! you’ve got a dry baby! The CozyCare Cape is 100% Cotton Terry Cloth with a waterproof panel so that you don’t soak yourself while you’re drying your little one.


Spa Time Baby also carries a line of cute washcloths, changing mats, waterproof bath books and natural skin care for baby, just to name a few things.

The CozyCare Cape is $38.95 without embroidery and for just $48.95 you can have a personalized cape with your little one’s name on the front.  The great thing about this is that you can use it from the time they are born until they outgrow the cape themselves, so it’ll last you a LONG TIME! I know that my children LOVE personalized items and this one is both functional AND cute!

To win your very own CozyCare Cape, for your INITIAL ENTRY, visit Spa Time Baby and come back here and comment on which design you’d like to win.

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Our Bodies, Ourselves Pregnancy and Birth Review & Giveaway


When you think of Our Bodies, Ourselves, you may think of the classic guide to women’s health and sexuality written by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective and Judy Norsigian back in the 70’s.  The original Our Bodies, Ourselves was “revamped” in 2005 and has been updated to include issues and new health information.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth is their most recent work and is a comprehensive book that covers a range of topics including choosing your healthcare provider and birthing setting, body changes through your pregnancy, relationships and sex during pregnancy, the stages of labor (there’s a very cool chart of these stages), womens’ right to pain relief and natural ways to relieve labor pain and coping skills.  I like how they also discuss what you may be feeling during pregnancy, childbirth and after your baby is born.

There is an encouraging section about breastfeeding, which discusses how birth practices impact breastfeeding, getting breastfeeding off to a good start, nursing twins, the importance of a “good latch”, what to do when breastfeeding is a challenge, breastfeeding in public and even several mentions of La Leche League Mother-to-Mother support, which is one of my very favorite breastfeeding support resources and one that I am glad to see them encouraging mothers to seek support from.

I was fortunate enough to find the Sears’ Family Library books when I was pregnant, including The Pregnancy Book, but I do wish that this book was available back then, too, because it has the same balance of information while empowering women to make informed choices.  Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth doesn’t get up on any particular soap box and isn’t trying to tell you “the right way” to give birth or to mother your baby.  I like that they acknowledge that pregnancy, childbirth and having a new baby are a really BIG life changes and that we all have a “learning curve” and feel such a range of emotions about these changes.  I hope that mothers who pick up this book feel like they are not alone and empowered to own whatever choices they make in pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  This is a book that I would give to any expectant mother, whether she’s having her first child or her fifth.

I’m giving away a copy  of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth to one of my lucky readers!

Here’s how you can enter:

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The Parent Trip Giveaway


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I cracked open The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties by Jenna McCarthy. I have read countless parenting memoirs and how-tos over the years and most of them aren’t that entertaining or insightful, unfortunately.  I wasn’t prepared for the pure honesty of this hilarious book!

It seems like so many moms work really hard to hide or not talk about the parts of motherhood that can be confusing, difficult and sometimes downright frustrating.  We all have those moments that we hope we really can “look back and laugh” at.  The ones that we wonder if we really SHOULD ever mention.  Well, Jenna put all of those moments as well as the many joys that mothering bring.

And face it…if you’re a blogger, some of the BEST material is those moments that many mothers would never tell a soul about or admit even in their own private journal.  We live to broadcast that kind of stuff, don’t we? Even if you’re not a blogger, you probably like to read blogs about the hilarity that motherhood sometimes brings.

I have to say that her description of the worry over being the worst mom ever in your daughter’s eyes is SO dead-on! I could relate with most of the Jenna’s laments and laughs in this book!

This book just became one of my go-to baby shower gifts!

Jenna ROCKS! She wants to give a copy of The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties to one lucky Things Moms Like Reader!

How to win:

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Visit Jenna MecCarthy’s website and comment here about your favorite excerpt from The Parent Trip

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Hip-T "Cover Your Assets" Review and Giveaway!

It seems like you can’t find jeans these days that aren’t low-rise. My daughter is always telling me to pull up my pants or pull down my shirt because my underwear are showing above my jeans! LOL Poor kid. Hip-Ts are such a smart idea! These t-shirt “panels” look cute because that layered look is in style and they don’t add bulk because they’re only worn around your hips. My daughter and I tried them.

The Hip-T is very stretchy, which is good because some of us have a little muffin top that needs disguising. They’re 92% cotton and 8% spandex, which gives them a soft texture and that stretch you want.

The Hearts of Hardy
design is really cute and very trendy! It looked really cute under a plain tee.

These really did stay put and didn’t slip up or down. They really do just look like you’re wearing another layer. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can get several and have a different one to wear every day!

You can also WIN your very own Hip-T here at Things Moms Like!

Initial Entry: Visit Hip-T and come back and tell us which Hip-T you want!

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Giveaway ends June 10th

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Leisure Arts Kids Knitting Kit & DVD Giveaway

Leisure Arts publishes and offers fabulous instructional crafting books and even has some great beginnger crafting kits like “The Art of Knitting 4 Kids” Starter Kit (shown below), which includes a 99-minute DVD which shows several different ways for kids 5 and up to knit.
My son likes this DVD because it’s animated with pleasant narration, and he is also learning from little boy named Ryan (who I am not sure I will ever knit on the level of) how to knit. I’m a serious beginner and I actually learned a better technique for casting on from Ryan, so even adults will benefit from watching this with their kids. It starts with fun little projects and even takes them on a visit to The Alpaca Ranch to see where the yarn comes from.

Leisure Arts’ Leisure Boutique has 15% off all Kids’ Craft Kits as their weekly special right now, too!

This kit retails at The Leisure Boutique for $24.95, but you can enter to win it here!

To win:

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Giveaway ends 11:59pm on June 5th

Watch for several more awesome Leisure Arts Giveaways coming up in the coming weeks!

Are you a Mom of the Revolution?

Honor a Mother who makes a difference!

Revolution Foods, a leading provider of healthy, organic foods for children, has partnered with green parenting publication Kiwi Magazine, the EcoMom Alliance and to create a contest that honors hometown activists – the Moms of the Revolution. Five moms who have taken actions to secure better nutrition for kids, advocate for change in their school’s lunch program, or who seek to redefine the lunchbox, will be selected to receive the Moms of the Revolution Award. Winners will be featured in Kiwi Magazine, receive a yearlong subscription to the publication and a one-year supply of organic lunchbox snacks from Revolution Foods. One of the five winners will also score $3,000 towards supporting their own healthy school lunch initiative.

The contest runs through May 30, 2009, and is the first of many upcoming initiatives helmed by Revolution Foods’ Moms of the Revolution campaign – a nationwide search that aims to honor (and inspire) hometown activists who are revolutionizing the way kids in their communities eat.

You can submit yourself or other amazing moms you know by filling out the submission form for FREE at

LOOK what I won from JenerationPR!!

I was online one evening recently and noticed that Jeneration PR was doing a live giveaway on Twitter and I just had to get in on it! I am a MAJOR “product” junkie and love hair products, makeup, skincare, fragrances…all of it! She said she was giving away $500 worth of beauty products and I got all giddy! I began to Tweet my entries with great excitement and as the contest closed, I thought that there was NO WAY I was going to win because I wanted to SO badly!

But I won! And here’s my haul from Jeneration PR!

Still in the box
I seriously think this has to be more than $500 worth of stuff! How awesome is that! Made my day! Thanks Jen!!