Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

My kids have had colds where they have had their noses wiped so much with dry tissue that they’re just raw! You know that feeling because if you’ve had a bad cold, it’s probably happened to you, too! It’s the worst when you actually dread wiping or blowing your nose because it just plain hurts!!

Boogie Wipes have come up with the perfect solution for this! Boogie Wipes are made with saline to “unstick” the stubborn boogies, but they are also made with Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe their tender noses, moisturize and protect their skin.

Boogie Wipes sent me their three scents to try. The Magic Menthol will be just perfect for when the little ones have a cold because they have have a fresh menthol scent, which would definitely help open up stuffy noses. I like that the menthol isn’t too strong, though. The Great Grape is a fun scent and my kids’ favorite, but it’s not obnoxious or too strong. And I ahve to admit that to see if they would dry out the skin or leave a strange residue, I actually used The Fresh Scent on my face. I just swept it over my skin like you would with one of those beauty cloths that are so popular right now. Usually scented products sting my skin and cause me to go all blotchy, but The Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes didn’t! While I probably won’t be using them in my daily beauty routine to cleanse my face, I would definitely keep them with me to clean any of our faces if needed. The scent that lingers is pleasant and not at all overpowering.

What’s REALLY COOL is Boogie Wipes come in 30-wipe packs for $3.99/pk and you can buy “Boogies on the Run” individually-wrapped wipes for $2.99/10 pk to carry in your purse, backpack or lunchbox.

You can even get a Boogie Wipes DIAPER CAKE, which would be the perfect gift for a baby shower, newborn gift or for anyone with a baby! The Diaper Cake includes 3-30-count packs of Boogie Wipes, 20 Individually Wrapped Boogie Wipes, 50 Diapers & 1 Plush Toy.

Boogie Wipes has partnered with Things Moms Like to give away ALL THREE Boogie Wipes scents to one lucky Things Moms Like reader.

Initial Entry: To enter this giveaway, please visit the Boogie Wipes Store Locator and come back here to tell us the closest store to you that carries Boogie Wipes.

Bonus Entries:
After you complete your Initial Entry, you get one bonus entry for each of the following completed:

Follow Boogie Wipes on Twitter and Tweet this Giveaway. You may Tweet this Giveaway for one bonus entry EACH DAY!

Follow ThingsMomsLike on Twitter

Join the Things Moms Like Facebook Group

Grab my button and put it on your website/blog

THREE extra entries if you enter another of my giveaways!

Please be sure to create a comment post for EACH OF THE ABOVE that you’ve done or your extra entries won’t count.

Giveaway ends June 5th @11:59pm


40 Responses

  1. Planet Kidz!!

  2. Walmart!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  3. Walmart! Really, these sound great. 🙂

  4. Following you now.

  5. Joined the FB group.

  6. Badge is now on my blog.

  7. Entered the Ah Goo Plush Pad Giveaway.

  8. Fred Meyer is the closest store to me!

  9. Following you on Twitter (adrianec)

  10. Joined your Facebook already (Adriane Coblentz Herring)

  11. That is awesome! I’ve got 4 and one constantly has a runny nose. Walmart is the closest to me!

  12. Following you on Twitter – since you told me about the OPI giveaway. LOL

  13. available at wal mart and rite aid, both only a few minutes away from me!

  14. i follow BoogieMom on twitter and tweeted here!

  15. ive got your button on my blog!

  16. I joined your facebook group!

  17. #1 I entered the Ah goo plush pad giveaway!

  18. Our closest store that carries them is Toys R Us.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  19. fred meyer is the closest to me.

  20. I am a facebook fan. amy bolda pugmire.

  21. Walmart is the closet store to me! Thanks!

  22. The closest store is Jewel but I buy them at Wal-mart. We LOVE Boogie Wipes!

  23. It says walmart, but I haven’t ever seen them there! Will def have to look

  24. My closest store is Walmart!
    {missmessy at thisblessedmess dot com}

  25. I’m following ThingsMomsLike on Twitter AND I just put your button on my page – yay!
    {MissMessy at ThisBlessedMess dot com}

  26. Hi I am new and I hope I win! 🙂

  27. I follow you on twitter

  28. i entered the jewelry giveaway

  29. Oh! And I have entered your other giveaways!

  30. My third entry for entering your other giveaways!

  31. The store locater says that WalMart carries them here, but I can’t say I’ve seen them on the shelves. We have a teeny tiny Walmsrt.

  32. Extra sitewarming entry #1!

  33. Extra sitewarming entry #2!

  34. Extra sitewarming entry #3!

  35. Extra sitewarming entry #4!

  36. Extra sitewarming entry #5!

  37. WalMart does!

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