Babylegs/Bummas LIVE Giveaway!

WINNER! The winner of our live giveaway is Beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!!
Keep following!

This is my first live giveaway! I am going to be drawing from all comments between 6:00pm EST and 9:00pm EST! That’s THREE HOURS of unlimited entries!

I’m giving away THIS pair of Baby Legs
the Original Leg and Arm Warmers for Babies and Adults -One Size fits most! ($12)

AND a 10-pack of Bummas 100% Cotton Cloth Wipes in the “Wild Ones” color assortment!
Bummas are made of woven velour terry cloth and are a generous 5″x7″ when open. They’re also machine-washable, which you know is a BIGGIE for me and I can tell you from personal experience that these are very, very absorbent. They retail for $16.99/pack and I can tell that they’ll last a loooong time! Oh…and when I washed and dried them, they didn’t shrink or pill, which makes me a very happy mama!!

Rules: You must first enter AT LEAST ONE of my other giveaways and comment here which one you entered. After that, you can comment as much as like as long as you post in complete sentences and post something relevant to this product, my website or Things Moms Like. Keep it clean!

I’ll be drawing from the comments using


203 Responses

  1. I entered to win the Ah Goo Baby Earth design. That is so cute. These leggings are also so adorable! I love the bee style for my little Queen B.! (:

  2. After I entered my last comment, I noticed that you put up the Bummas wipes. I have never heard of those. I am now following you on twitter. I am a new mom that needs as much help as I can get with advice and freebies! lol Thanks!

  3. I entered your Knit Picks giveaway!

  4. Okay, those baby legs are too cute!

  5. I love the other Babylegs designs too!

  6. The Bummas wipes look really great too!

  7. Ok that was weird… All of a sudden I couldn’t post a comment on here? I noticed on your twitter account that you post other giveaways. You’re awesome!

  8. Do you know if the Bummas are organic?

  9. Ok, I realized that I just used a lot of exclamation points, just now. Anyway, I love your site. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  10. Hmmm… I might like to find a matching pair of the bee legs for myself!

  11. How do you find all of this stuff? I am so lost on the internet… I have to read your page every day from now on!

  12. I agree with Beautiful! I’m perusing the products you’re giving awai and they look great!

  13. When are you doing the drawing for the plush pad?

  14. I really like the Ah Goo Baby changing pad.

  15. Not sure if my daughter will let me keep this up for another two hours (: but she would look sooo cute in these leggings!

  16. Oxyclean is great! I haven’t gotten a stain on anything yet! These bummas would hold up well in the wash, I’m sure!

  17. Beautiful, I know what you mean! I would love those for my DD too! How old is yours?

  18. WAY too cute pants!

  19. Hey, what is this “grab my button” thing?

  20. Three months old is a fun age! 🙂 Mine is 6.5 months already. I can;t believe it! Babylegs would be great as I think she’s going to crawl soon!

  21. New to internet, new to site, but loving what you are doing “things moms like”!

  22. Cute! I’m not looking forward to that age bc I don’t want for my wee one to have the ability to escape me! lol I can just imagine hearing a little “Buzz buzz” while she’s crawling away! (:

  23. They are such a great idea! I’ve been interested in cloth wipes.

  24. Where do they sell these other than online?

  25. Hmmm I wonder what gender child the blogger has?

  26. I really like your Knit Picks giveaway too.

  27. I’ve really been wanting to start knitting, so the Knit Picks set would be awesome!

  28. I would like to check out the knit picks but I am not that creative ):

  29. With this economy, giveaways are a really special thing to do for the community. Thank you for doing this!

  30. ThingsMomsLike, I read your profile and I’m wondering what it’s like to be a mom of two.

  31. Hey, a crib giveaway would be awesome! *hint hint*

  32. I’ve also entered your Relish Meal planning giveaway.

  33. I am totally entering the brain child contest, too!

  34. I just became a fan on facebook!

  35. I think having a meal plan would really help with my budget!

  36. I also entered the The Double-Daring Book for Girls giveaway.

  37. I am wanting to raise a smart child. Brain child would help me out a lot!

  38. I like the leap frog baby legs, too!

  39. I love that the The Double-Daring Book for Girls has crafty-type activities and also adventurous ones.

  40. Oh my! I just noticed the organic babylegs! Those are great!

  41. Beautiful, I also like the leap frog baby legs!

  42. The scandia ones are fabulous!

  43. Babylegs are also great for keeping little baby legs warm!

  44. Wow, you actually purchase some of the things you give away? How amazing!

  45. Now some babylegs and the ah goo baby earth design would go great together!

  46. Are you drawing at random at the end of the three hours or during?

  47. I’m sorry I missed the OPI contest!

  48. Beautiful, I think she is drawing after the three hours are over.

  49. Where did you get the idea for this site? (I actually would like to know your story!)

  50. Things Mom Likes, I totally agree with Beautiful 🙂 I’t so nice to read all your reviews and advice while I’m “stuck” at home.

  51. I wonder if anyone else is going to join us for this great giveaway!

  52. I’m going to have to “follow” the other ppl you do!

  53. I’m also wondering how these Babylegs will look if I wear them. 🙂

  54. I noticed “things moms like” has only been on here since April. Amazing! So many products, so little time!

  55. I live in AZ so not sure about needing arm warmers for myself, but when visiting family in GA, OH, and MT, I might have to steal them from baby!

  56. I’m a mom of 1 and don’t know what I like (yet)! You’re a mom of 2 and I trust you!

  57. If I win (or buy some), I think I will definitely try the Babylegs as arm warmers. 🙂

  58. Oh it’s worth a shot! lol I doubt my husband would let me spend money on these when we need to buy other things (like a crib) oops… but these would be great to win!

  59. Well, 2003 is when her first post was.

  60. Oh, I thought it said blogging since 2009… makes more since in 2003 (:

  61. But looks like she didn’t start writing more until later.

  62. Good luck! I just saw that the blogger was entering it… Maybe I’ll back off that one since my young one is so young.

  63. I agree with Sarah! Join in the fun, Momma!

  64. That giveaway looks awesome! (But I don’t have a backyard, so won’t be entering that one)

  65. just saw femeeze giveaway! I could use some new intimates!

  66. Yeah I thought why not enter? But then I remembered baby is only 3 months… would be a long time til it could be used.

  67. Wow, I’m checking out the Bummas website right now.

  68. Aww I missed the Bride Wars giveaway! I have been dying to see that!

  69. I love the names of the Bummas wipes!

  70. what’s your favorite bummas color?

  71. I think I like the “wild ones” best but love the “calm ones” too.

  72. The pink ones look too girly!

  73. Oh, the girls ones are also really cute! I still can;t believe I hadn’t heard of Bummas yet.

  74. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of the ah goo baby earth yet! Those are too cute!

  75. I love the Bummas story!

  76. My little one urinates a lot so these wipes would have to be washed a lot.

  77. Here’s the website of their story.

  78. I think one of my favorite colors for my DD is green.

  79. I think they would be so much better for the environment than traditional toss away wipes.

  80. Oh yes, green is lovely! We’re trying to find anything and everything green. We also like the bee print.

  81. “Place the bumma over the privates while tending to the other parts. One bumma will soak up an entire pee.”

  82. “Use another bumma to thoroughly dry baby off. Re-diaper.”

  83. She thinks it’s funny to fart on me every time I change her… that or pee! These would be great to catch the urine before it runs all over me!

  84. “The payoff- a dry bum, no diaper rash, and no surprise squirts. Save money on diapers, powder, and ointment.

    You can wash them and use them again and again.”

  85. I have been entering for an hour now.

  86. I wonder if the baby legs would keep her legs from getting chaped from her diaper?

  87. The leggings would give her something fun to watch while playing with her legs.

  88. Beautiful, I’m not sure if the Baby legs would help with that, but perhaps!

  89. I noticed the bummas can be used for burp cloths.

  90. Cloth diapers are also nice wipes, and would be a great giveaway!

  91. My daughter does this cute thing with her lips that sounds like a bee buzzing… I could only imagine how cute she would look like doing that while wearing these babylegs… And also maybe a pair of homemade antennas!

  92. Oh, interesting! The Bummas would make cute burp cloths!

  93. Aw, that sounds really cute 🙂 Babylegs on a little bee! Are you thinking of starting a mom blog too?

  94. Yes, Bummas as a chic alternative to cloth diapers for burp cloths!

  95. Oh yes, I am going to start a blog. I’m not that great at the whole internet thing, but I will figure it out one day. I’ll have to put a link to this somehow!

  96. Yeah, Bummas would be great for that! I use plain cloth diapers. Functional but not cute!

  97. Wow, this is making my day go by quick! My baby is getting older while I am entering this contest for her!

  98. You could put a button on your site too.

  99. Yes, she has a button on her blog, but I don’t know how to do all that code.

  100. I accidentally posted the same thing twice so I went through to delete it. It took me back to the home page (which I think is fixed up so cute!)

  101. I’m not sure how to do the button either.

  102. Oh I missed a TRader Joe’s giveaway! ): Boo! lol I like to shop there for healthy items since I breastfeed.

  103. You should do it! Blogging seems fun. It would be nice to partner up with “moms” and give things away!

  104. Oh I missed it too! I love Trader Joes!

  105. The two buck chuck wine is awesome! It used to be my fave tj’s purchase!

  106. Oh the vera Wang stationary seems pretty cool.

  107. Ohh.. I’ve never tried the two buck chuck. Is it any good?

  108. I still have thank-you cards to mail, so the stationary would be excellent. I am going to enter that one next!

  109. Anna’s doing the bee buzz right now! lol She’s my little bumblebee!

  110. I think this is the only live one. 🙂

  111. This is fun, but so nerve-wracking at the same time!

  112. My hubby won’t believe I am spending three hours online to win some leggings and cloth wipes! (:

  113. This is a brilliant way to spend the day… I love giving things to my baby. It would be nice to give her something for free! lol

  114. The silver pendants are cute, but no really my style.

  115. Beautiful, yes I’ve heard that kiddos can get carpet burn! So Babylegs would totally help with that.

  116. I have to go now. Good luck Beautiful! Thanks Things Moms Like!

  117. The little girl charm is quite cute, though!

  118. I really hope my daughter wins this.

  119. I kinda hope Sarah wins, too! lol Isn’t that strange?

  120. My baby is too young for several of your things. Maybe we coul partner up and do a baby’s only giveaway site? I would be very interested!

  121. I really am so excited about the cloth bummas!

  122. I also wonder about some of the chemicals put into wipes nowadays. My baby has a rash sometimes from certain products.

  123. I think it would be nice to win something for the first time ever! I know that spending so much time on here might boost my chances a little, but it’s still pretty even!

  124. If you could please e-mail me after this is finished, if you would like to partner up with a baby-only giveaway. That would make me very happy. I am a stay-at-home mom, and would like to spend my time helping others.

  125. Do you ever do Baby Einstein giveaways? I love that line!

  126. I noticed the link on your blog for “A giveaway addicted mommy”. Is that what I’m becoming? lol

  127. What was the best thing you received for mother’s day?

  128. Hi all! Meant to be here more during this, but had some dramaz at home!

    Beautiful…I have a daughter and a son and I’m super excited about the KnitPicks giveaway, too! Only jealous that I can’t win!

    BabyLegs are hugely popular and super cute on babies!

    I do have lots of other giveaways and I am trying to have AT LEAST one every day!

    The retail value of this package is almost $30, so it’s not a HUGE prize, but they are both really practical items! I will tell you a secret…I have a prize coming up this weekend probably that is over $200. Won’t say yet what it is, but I’m excited about it!

    I’m not sure if they sell Bummas or BabyLegs at local shops.

    Beautiful, check out and click on their community. There are some AWESOME AWESOME tutorials that have even ME, the clumsy fingers, learning to knit. Seriously!

    Relish! has helped me a LOT—I cannot even tell you how nice it is not to have to THINK about dinner and the shopping list!

    Brain, Child really IS one of my favorite magazines…I highly recommend it to all moms, but am excited when I see new moms reading it!

    Beautiful, if you need blog help, let me know! I’m not an expert, but I can help you get started.

    I love Two Buck Chuck!

    oh…and I’m not counting my entry if I win LOL

  129. lol Thanks for the reply!!! I will check back this weekend for the big giveaway!

  130. We’ve fallen on hard times, and don’t even have a crib for our baby. It would be awesome if the weekend giveaway is a crib!

  131. I will definitely check out the tutorials on the knit picks site. We’ve been wanting to take up knitting for a while. My husband is great with a sewing machine, but me, not so much

  132. My husband just made fun of me for entering this contest!

  133. Do you do boppy things, as well? I couldn’t live without my boppy nursing pillow!

  134. I can’t believe I have been doing this for over an hour and a half now! Only 43 minutes to go!

  135. Haha, I like that you said of Brain Child that none of the advertisements made your eyes hurt! lol

  136. This site is helping a lot. There are so many products advertised. They make us think we need everything. It’s good that you are narrowing things down to what moms like!

  137. My favorite baby/child raising books:

    Anything by Dr. Sears, the new Jenna McCarthy book (yes, I said Jenna…not Jenny), Connection Parenting, The Natural Child, Playful Parenting are some of my favorites.

    My husband thinks that giveaways are kind of funny, too. Not that hilarious when I won a HUGE $500 beauty package last week from JenerationPR (follow her on Twitter, too)! I posted about it here on my blog with pics, too!

    You can post the link to my site on any forums that you visit, you can email links to your friends, you can post it on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…wherever. You can “retweet” my giveaway Tweets 😉

    Well, the weekend giveaway isn’t a crib, but Dr. Sears’ website has really, really good information about co-sleeping, as does Dr. Jay Gordon. Co-sleeping makes babies happy!

  138. I really love the bumblebee print babylegs! They are the cutest leggings I have ever seen!

  139. Thanks! I will check out those books! I need all the help I can get!

  140. Most of the mainstream parenting magazines out there are obnoxious advertising vehicles. While advertising is important…and I’m a firm believer that it is…most of the stuff they are peddling doesn’t do a whole lot for us as parents or to help our babies’ development.

    I actually cloth diapered my kids and really enjoyed it although before I did it, I never would have imagined it!

  141. Wow, a $500 beauty package prize sounds great! I could have used one of those! Congratulations, mommy!

  142. We have been trying to use up diapers that were given to us as gifts from our shower, but we are wanting to switch to the cloth ones. Right now, we are using them as burp cloths! They work great!

  143. All the product-pushing really confuses new moms like myself. Again, thank you for narrowing things down! Oh, and for offering them for free!

  144. Is your weekend giveaway going to be live? You might have already answered that, but my brain is going crazy right now. I can’t quite keep up with my fingers!

  145. My weekend giveaway won’t be live probably, but there will be lots of chances to win!

  146. Where do you find all of these items?

  147. Great! I will be checking into your website every hour! (: I am not joking! This is amazing!

  148. A good product for the “just for moms” week would be something that eliminates stretch marks. I got them really bad from my pregnancy!

  149. Ok, now I have to type and breastfeed at the same time to boost my chances of winning! Thank God for boppy!

  150. Companies send them to me to review or to run giveaways! is a random generator. You put in the number range and it picks a true random number

  151. I’m back for a bit! Things Moms Like, good to see you on here!

  152. I haven’t checked out the Relish giveaway yet, but only because it’s impossible for me to go on a diet! I love to eat!

  153. Hey, Sarah! I hope you win, too! (:

  154. I am interested in your start-up. Running a baby giveaway would be an ideal way for me to spend my day.

  155. Same to you! I’ll be happy if you win too!

  156. It’s good for us that no one else is entering!

  157. Beautiful…Relish isn’t diet food, it just helps you plan worry-free meals and makes a shopping list and everything!

    Companies usually approach.

  158. I know that 256 would have scared me away from entering!

  159. I entered the little jewel giveaway.

  160. Oh, in that case, I should check out the Relish program! I am a dunce when it comes to meal planning. My husband usually does that and I clean, but it would be nice to surprise him!

  161. I just found your blog while at the twitter party! I’m going to have to subscribe!

  162. I am so excited about these Babylegs!

  163. Oh my, I am getting so nervous! Its so hard to breastfeed and chat live simultaneously!

  164. This is an exciting afternoon! I have never done anything like this before! Thanks for the entertainment and the inspiration!

  165. I’m nursing and chatting too 🙂

  166. Wow, she said “Mama”? That’s amazing!!!

  167. “Things Moms Like” – what do you think of the What to Expect books? Did you use the first year one for baby and was it worth buying?

  168. Haha, nursing and typing seems to be the thing to do today! (: Yes, I am so proud of her! She’s only 3 months and calling out my name! I can’t wait to call my family back east!… after the contest!

  169. Sarah, are you using a boppy? It’s a staple for me with my daughter. Do you have an item you can’t live w/o?

  170. I am not a big fan of the “what to expect” books because only YOU know your body and your baby the best! They are a little too “preachy” and by the book for my taste. I know I read them with my first and I did feel some comfort, but after a while I realized that my parenting was more in line with the Dr. Sears parenting books (they have tons of titles, including The Baby Book, the Baby Sleep Book and The Breastfeeding Book, just to name a few.

  171. And Sarah…YAY for the breastfeeding!

  172. I noticed on your twitter page that you were five when you wore your first bikini… I was probably the same age, although I bought one for my infant, and she already wears it (:

  173. I will check out Dr. Sears. I used the pregnancy book from wte because my mom and everyone was so far away. The time difference made it hard to communicate my worries late at night, and we didn’t have the internet. It was helpful, but also placed unnecessary fears in my mind.

  174. LOL yes, I wore a bikini before I knew any better! LOL

    I read WTE because that’s what my mom gave me when I was pregnant and it did have lots of info.

    I also found local La Leche League groups very very helpful for local mom to mom breastfeeding and parenting support!

  175. I have been wondering about vaccinations lately, as my baby is about to get more. I might have to look into Sear’s vaccination schedule for some advice!

  176. Thanks for the affirmation for breastfeeding! =D
    I love the Dr. Sears books too!

  177. I read a book by Amy Spangler about breastfeeding, and was able to do it right after the birth with no problems! It helped a lot! The lactation consultant couldn’t help, bc I had it all figured out. It was an excellent guide!

  178. Beautiful, I have been to Dr. Bob Sears’ talk about Vaccines twice and he has pretty good advice, IMO. He published The Vaccine Book last year.

    Amy Spangler is great…very practical and easy to read!

  179. Beautiful, wow, that is great! I had trouble at first even with all I learned about it. But it got easier later.

  180. I am shocked there aren’t more people on here trying to win! You have the link all over your twitter page!

  181. I have the Vaccine book and I really liked it. Very informative.

  182. All the info on vaccines can be, well, confusing. I will read Sears’ book. If you like it, then I’m sure it will help me a lot.

  183. Sarah, thanks for the confirmation on the Sears book! Oh how I wish I found this site earlier! I could have bypassed so much misinformation and frustration!

  184. People have different opinions on the book, but I do think it’s helpful for learning about the diseases and vaccines.

  185. Yes, one thing that is particularly troubling for me is the information about vaccines causing autism. I don’t know what to believe because there is so much conflicting information out there!

  186. Hey, Hey I missed this until now!
    I entered about a bazillion of your contests, including the one for the Trader Joe’s GC

  187. My husband is worried he’s not getting the internet back now! (:

  188. How old are your children?

  189. Since so many comments are ot: Anyone watching NCIS? I’m bummed I missed it!

  190. I didn’t see a reply to how/when we will find out the winner?

  191. Gotta go catch the last few minutes.

  192. Jenni, I hadn’t heard of them, either! But they do seem amazing! I have been wanting to do something better for my daughters’ hiney than the toss away ones. I think she might be allergic to something in them.

  193. My food’s getting cold. I will be glad to eat! This giveaway typing has made me really hungry! Thanks!

  194. Thanks for this great giveaway, ThingsMomsLike!

  195. I think I’ve been on here for almost 2.5 hours! I really would like to try these cloth wipes out! My family would love to see pics of my little ANna in the leggings, too! Such a cute surprise!

  196. Nice to meet you ladies! Good luck and congrats on your children!

  197. The suspense is killing me! The babyleg and bummas are great!

  198. I’ll email the winner right away. And I’ll post it here at 9:01

  199. I don’t know what time it is?

  200. Well…Beautiful is the winner here!

  201. Yay! Thank you!

  202. Yay, congrats!

  203. Just email me your addy thingsmomslike at gmail dot com

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