KnitPicks Gorgeous Yarn & Needle Set Giveaway

As a mom who is new to knitting, I have been looking for websites that have really nice products AND video tutorials because I need a lot of step-by-step support. KnitPicks is a website that my avid knitting friends recommended to me because they have both AWESOME products, very reasonable pricing, detailed video tutorials and forums. Many have tried to show me how to knit, but after watching some of the tutorials on KnitPicks, I am actually finally getting the hang of it! The KnitPicks Community also includes project podcasts, online Knit-Alongs, and you can even connect with KnitPicks on Twitter and Facebook!

When I heard that they wanted to give away four balls of their Simply Cotton Worsted Yarn and the very cool Harmony Needle Set ($74.99 on their website right now), I was so excited because I know that a lot of my readers like to knit. This is another of those giveaways that make me wish I was just a ThingsMomsLike reader so that I could enter to win!

Here’s the scoop on the Simply Cotton Worsted Yarn:

Our luxurious 100% organic cotton yarn is good for you and Mother Earth. The colors are naturally occurring shades, free from dyes or bleach. It’s super soft, easy to work with and sure to bring pleasure to anyone who wears it. Color may vary from skein to skein since it is naturally occurring and not dyed.


The Harmony needles are really beautiful, multi-colored birch wood and the set comes with a clear case so that you can show off your pretty needles! The set includes Harmony Wood Knitting Needles in US sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 and 11 – Cables: 2 of each of 24″ and 32″ lengths, 10.5″x5.75″x2″ zippered clear vinyl needle case, 5.75″x4.5″x0.5″ clear vinyl case, 8 end caps and 2 cable keys.

You can win the four balls of Simply Cotton Worsted Yarn shown in the photo above (Marshmallow, Malted Milk, Ginger and Toffee) and the Harmony Needle Set, a total value of approximately $90 and a cool value that’s priceless!

Initial Entry: Go to their patterns page and comment here on which project you’d like to start with your winnings AND join their Facebook Group.

1 Extra Entry: Add KnitPicks on Twitter (comment here with your Twitter ID)

1 Extra Entry: Tweet this giveaway and post a link to the Tweet here – you can Tweet each day for an entry a day.

1 Extra Entry: Add my button (on the right sidebar) to your website

2 Extra Entries: Blog about this contest with a link back to this Giveaway!

Please be sure that you create a separate blog comment for each of the above entries or they won’t count!

Giveaway ends May 30th.

I’m also participating in the Give It Away Now Blog Carnival! Stop by and check it out!

268 Responses

  1. the ruffle skirt or the bella skirt. not sure which! i crochet and have been in the process of relearning how to knit. what an AWESOME giveaway!!! love it!

  2. badge added.
    phew…i’m exhausted. i must really want to win this because i’ve never worked so hard for a giveaway!!
    thanks so much. THIS is a GREAT giveaway!!!
    if you only knew my obsession with yarn…and knitting needles…and crochet hooks. a sickness!

  3. I’d love to knit up their Comfy Knitted Mitered Hanging Hand Towel wit the winnings!

  4. Became a fan of their Facebook Page.

    Already following KnitPicks on Twitter: Twitter username: KnitPurlGurl

  5. Tweeted about the giveaway:

  6. Put your button on my Mommatudes Blog sidebar!

  7. I blogged about it on my knitting blog!! I’m so excited about this giveaway! I absolutely adore KnitPicks ans have oodles of their needles, notions, and yarns!

  8. I like the cabled legwarmers, and I joined the “page” on fb. Ü

  9. Am following Knitpicks on Twitter (tamijoye)



    Great giveaway! Yarn looks really edible Ü

  11. I would knit the cabled leg warmers if I won the KNitpicks giveaway or one of the summer bags! This yarn is really GREAT!
    MissK68 on Twitter

  12. I think I would knit the Parkrose Pillow. Lovely!

  13. I connected with KnitPicks on Twitter, I’m mimsfam on there.

  14. I tweeted, ur twitted, ah twittered???

  15. I would make the Empress pullover! It looks so cute and comfy.

    Oh man I hope I win this one, I’ve had my eyes on those needles FOREVER!

  16. Blogged about it!

  17. button added!

  18. I don’t twitter but I added them to my facebook!

  19. I’d love to do the Mobius Scarf/Wrap! As a new knitter, I’m trying to challenge myself but still stay within my skill limitations. This is an amazing giveaway. 😀 Thank you knit picks and Things Mom’s Like!!!

  20. I can’t wait to make these sox!
    Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Socks Pattern.

  21. I really like the argyle legwarmers… but i only got to see the first page of patterns cuz it kept coming up with an error… and i did become a fan on facebook 🙂

  22. I tweeted: superwoman4002

  23. following tinapurl on twitter!
    twitter: superwoman4002

  24. I’d start the Cabled Mug Cozy Pattern, very cute! And I just joined their facebook group. 🙂

  25. I need to make the boot socks for DH.

  26. and I just facebooked knit picks. 🙂

  27. I have been eying the Phoebe pullover. I added Knit Picks on my Facebook, too.

  28. I (verbafacio on Twitter) am also following TinaPurl!

  29. I am a facebook fan now, and I would like to be able to make the Victorian lace headband.

    onlycancan ta hotmail tod com

  30. I can’t get anything past page one of the patterns page to load but from the first page I would love to make the Ring of Cables hat and the Ceorgian Lace Cap.

    And I am in the facebook group

  31. twitter id is melistress and added

  32. The Slipped Cable Vest speaks to me! What a fantastic present for a knitter. Love it!!!!!!

  33. Step 2: Following on Twitter, like a good little Tweeter. My Twitter ID is: BonnieZink.

  34. I tweeted the giveaway:

  35. It took awhile to figure it out but button added to ! 🙂

  36. You are on my site. Boy this is starting to become like work or something. But the fun kind!

  37. AND finally…I have blogged about the giveaway. You can find it here.

  38. I think I might make the sleepytime baby sleeper pattern. Sooo cute!

  39. The contest has been blogged about. Check out

  40. I’d make the Midwest Moonlight scarf or try the two at a time, toe up socks. And I’m a fan of thier FB page.

  41. I added your button to my blog. 🙂

  42. I’d like to make the Cable Mug Cozy with my winnings and I’m now a fan on facebook. 🙂

  43. How fun! I think either the mug cozy or the tea cozy would be fun and quick projects (been doing a lot of larger projects like sweaters lately, so my brain could use the break!)… plus I think these would be great uses for the new cotton. I’ve been dying to try it – fingers crossed!

  44. I blogged and linked to the contest post. 🙂

  45. Bieds (that’s me) is now following TinaPurl on Twitter!

  46. I’d make the fingerless gloves, or perhaps the placemats – I need more placemats 🙂 The yarn is so lovely and I’ve been wanting that needle set.

  47. Oh & I became a fan on Facebook

  48. I’d like to make a couple of the Mitered Hanging Towels.

  49. Following Knitpicks on twitter as terpsichore!

  50. I’m a facebook fan!

  51. I’ve been meaning to order the yarn to try to make Sheldon the turtle and maybe some of his costumes. I have no kids. lol.

  52. I joined the FB group. I like the cable leg warmers best. 🙂

  53. Here’s my blog entry!

  54. Whee! I’m a fan on Facebook!

  55. I’d love to make my mom the Mobius Scarf/Shrug with that beautiful cotton.

  56. I’m following them on Twitter!

  57. The Queen of Diamonds glove pattern! luuurve!!!!

    – Added Knit Picks as a friend on Twitter
    – I tweeted the contest too!
    -I am snagging your button 🙂
    – about to blog the contest @ my blog

  58. Tweeted about this giveaway!

  59. I love the look of of the Cable Waist Cardigan! I became a FB fan of KP, and I blogged about it!

  60. Added the button!

  61. I love the idea of organic towels in my kitchen so I’d probably knit some of the mitered hanging towels.

  62. I would love to make the fingerless mitts! I joined fb.

  63. I’ve been connected to KnitPicks for a while on Twitter. I’m at and I am now a fan on Facebook. I somehow missed that they were on there.

  64. Man, I’d love to make Mary’s Summer Bag for those trips to the store when I’m only picking up a few things.

  65. I blogged about this contest!

  66. Blogged it and added your button!

  67. I’d make the girls version of the Harvey Kimono. I’m a facebook fan!

  68. Easy Peasy Hat pattern would be my project, and I added Knit Picks to my facebook page. What a great giveaway…I hope I win! Just what I need, more yarn!


  69. Okay. Became a fan on Facebook. I’d probably do the wrist warmers for a sweet someone I think would wear JUST that sort of thing. And the cabled leg warmers for my daughter for ballet in the winter months.

  70. Following on Twitter.

  71. I tweeted.

  72. the bella skirt and the market bag. Go Knitpicks!

  73. following Tina and Kelly on Twitter: my id: jaskey

  74. OK, joined up with them on Facebook.

    And I think that yarn could get me a good start on the Sheldon Baby Blanket (I have a friend who just had a wee one).

  75. Your button is now up on my blog, & there's a short post about this contest as well.

  76. i’ll make the cabled legwarmers and I joined facebook group

  77. I really like the sweetheart shorts, i’m moving to FL and a pair of fun knit cotton shorts would be a great cover-up for the beach!

  78. I like the kimono and the one with the cardigan and shell that match. But I really need the smaller needles in the set to make socks with! Great giveaway.

  79. I like the Asymetrical Cardigan!

  80. Ooohhh …I can’t decide! Probably any of their headbands and hats (I’m having a Bangs Situation). Off to add KP to my FB page! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  81. I am following on Twitter–I’m JerseyShoreDeb. I am also in Kelly’s own Twitter Group.

  82. Joined facebook group and really want to make the fancy pants & the cabled leg warmers

  83. Just tweeted the giveaway @sweethomebirth

  84. I have created a Facebook and then added them.

    If I won, I would go on to make the Sheldon Baby Blanket. It’s so cute!

  85. I am adding your button to my blog.

  86. Got the button.

  87. I would probably do the Mobius Scarf / Shrug Pattern. It seems fairly quick and simple to do. Thanks for the giveaway.

  88. I am a fan in facebook.

  89. I think I would make the baby sweater. Or maybe some placemats.

  90. And I followed KnitPicks!

  91. Cabled legwarmers would be my pattern of choice, and I’m joining the FB group right now!

  92. i have been obsessing over those needles for months. this woudl be a dream come true to win. i would pick the v-neck pullover sweater pattern, because i’ve always wanted to make one. and, i’ve become a fan of knitpicks on facebook.

  93. i’ve added your button on my blog – ~ and i would really love to win this giveaway!

  94. i don’t twitter, but i just created a post on my blog linking to your giveaway. i would really love to win this!

  95. I would love to win and would knit the childs rolled edge jacket for my daughter if I won..

  96. I love to cable so I would make the cabled leg warmers.

  97. Wow this giveaway ROCKS! My favorite pattern from the KP site is the Warm Hearts Fingerless Mitts — that’s the first thing I would cast on with winnings!

  98. I am a fan on Facebook!

  99. I just tweeted about the contest for today, May 7, user ID is pinktoque

  100. I added your button to my craft blog 🙂

  101. I love the Ring of Cables hat pattern. Thanks.


  102. I like both the boot socks and the Georgian Lace Cap.

  103. Ring of Cable hat! I am already a fan on facebook!

  104. Classic Lines cardigan is what I’d knit with that cotton. Jsut “fanned” them on FB, too.

  105. Oh, I think it would be the Victorian Lace cap or the Georgian Lace cap. Just fanned them on FB.

  106. I think I’d do the Victorian fingerless gloves. Lovely. And I’m their Facebook friend now!

  107. WOW! All I can say is wow.

    With that yarn, I’d knit the cathedral purse. Then I’d either make coasters or the riffled wrist warmers depending how much yarn was left.

  108. I added the twitter. I’m jennyjump 🙂

  109. Yes! I totally tweeted this. I’m jennyjump.

  110. I would like to knit the gauge lesson shell pattern. It would be great in those yummy cottons!

  111. I’d like to make the “ruffled wristwarmers” 🙂

    mamaknj @ msn . com

  112. I tweeted @

  113. I would try the lacy headbands and/or the Companion headband. I am now a fan on facebook (Rosalind)

  114. and became a fan on facebook. Love the yarn and needles!!!

  115. All I can say is WOW! I was more than happy to become a fan on facebook.

    I would love to try the ruffled wristwarmers – so Victorian looking. So lovely!

  116. The Georgian Lace Cap Pattern is beautiful! I’m a beginner but I’d hope to be able to try that one someday. The yarn is gorgeous too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. I forgot to post I’m a fan on facebook! Sorry!

  118. I am following KnitPicks on Twitter as quietspirit101

  119. The bella skirt…definitely…cool patterns!!!

  120. Boot socks! i have ALOT of moccasins and i look really odd with them in knee highs!

  121. i keep meaning to try two-at-once toe-up socks!
    and I blogged here 🙂

  122. Mitered hand cloth would be my chose. I am following knit picks on tweeter and facebook. And put the giveaway on twitter.

  123. I tweeted about the giveaway for today, May 8, 2009! 🙂

  124. Oh man, I am so excited about this giveaway! I would go for the Sleeveless Babydoll Vest or the Shetland Shawl turned vest.

  125. Became a fan on Facebook.

  126. I love the candle and Flame pattern. I want to learn how to do lace after I learn how to knit swaeters.

  127. Already following knit picks on twitter .

  128. I would love to knit up a bunch of those Victorian Lace Headbands. They look like they would be be quick, easy, and beautiful gifts!

  129. Now following Knitpicks on twitter! My Twitter ID’s that same as this one! Erytanthes!


    Twittered about this contest!

  131. BLOGGED! YAY!

  132. I joined their facebook group…
    the Shawl Collar Cardigan Pattern and/or the Victorian Lace Headband Pattern

  133. I would probably make the Mobius Scarf / Shrug Pattern first, any scarf really!

  134. I just joined the facebook group

  135. I just followed the twitter

  136. I added your button to the side of my main blog page!

  137. I’m following on twitter- happyplace99!

  138. I’d knit those crazy legwarmers…just because!

  139. I’d like to make the Georgian Lace Cap! I also joined their facebook group!

  140. TML Mother’s Day BONUS TWEET! (bluefroggie)

  141. TML Mother’s Day BONUS TWEET! (bluefroggie)

  142. TML Mother’s Day BONUS TWEET! (bluefroggie)

  143. id love to make the Argyle Legwarmers, as well as i became a fan of knitpicks on facebook (i’m assuming that means i joined the group):D

  144. I would knit that Parkrose pillow. Lovely!

    I’m already a member of the facebook group

  145. Twittered again!


  146. TML Mother’s Day BONUS (bluefroggie)

  147. TML Mother’s Day BONUS (bluefroggie)

  148. Twittered again! ^.^

  149. I love to knit a sweater from one of their patterns and try out the harmony needles.

  150. Definitely the Cable Leg Warmers – so retro, what beautiful yarn. “Pick me, pick me, pick me….”

    Great giveaway – joined FB, and twitter follower.. off to see what else increases my chances!


  151. my twitter address is same as my ‘name’ KidsTravelHappy


  152. Another daily tweet – entry for May 10, 2009,

  153. Georgian Lace Cap Pattern
    I would love to knit this hat with that lovely yarn and great set of needles

  154. My first item would have to be the Victorian Fingerless Gloves Pattern. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful yarn.

  155. Button is on my sidebar on my blog

    prpldy (at)

  156. A bit more twittering from me!

  157. I finally did a knitting related blog post ( The title refers to softball not knitting.

  158. I love those placemats!

  159. I tweeted about the contest again –

  160. I’d try Swifty Mop Cover Pattern since I’m also new at this knitting thing 🙂

  161. adding your button right now…bye.

  162. TWEET! TWEET! TWEET! ^.^

  163. I would love to make the candle flame scarf… it is so pretty.

    and I’m already on their facebook page!

    Negal on ravelry

  164. thinking of making the mobius scarf for my SIL for Christmas, but i'm all about cables, so i'd have to say the cabled legwarmers are my favorite.

    & i became a fan on fb. 🙂

  165. i added knitpicks on twitter. i’m @springtree.

  166. I would love to make the mitered hanging towels. They would look great in some new organic cotton yarn!!!!

  167. I also became a fan on Facebook and added KnitPicks on Twitter.
    Fingers crossed for those needles and yarn!

  168. Sheldon the turtle. But there are so many patterns there I like: The lacy headband, the mobius shawl, etc, etc.

    I already am part of their facebook group!

  169. following on twitter–JeniSmith

  170. I want to make the toe up 2 @ once socks. This yarn looks so yummy! Great giveaway.

  171. I’m a fan on Facebook now. Looks great!

  172. following tinapurl on Twitter:

    And tweeted this contest.

  173. Great giveaway! I’d like to try the Good Guest Dress Pattern for my little girl.

  174. I’ve got the roll-edge cardigan in my queue already; and I’m a facebook fan.

  175. joined up on facebook; I’d make the roll-edge cardigan!

  176. and, separate entry for the tweet!


  177. I want to knit that sweet ruffled wristlets! Beautiful!

    I’m on twitter as ontheround

  178. The Victorian Lace Cap, and a few of the headbands. Time for some new hair-ware. 🙂 (I joined the FB page — thanks for the link — but am not a twitterer.)

  179. I’d knit the Georgian Lace cap with that fab yarn. I joined the FB group and am so glad to know about it!

  180. Following KP on twitter

  181. Blogged the giveaway Knit Picks Yarn and Needle Giveaway

  182. tweeted giveaway: giveaway

  183. i would love to make the rona lace shawl pattern!

  184. facebooked!!

  185. I am totally making the toilet bowl lid cover! Except, we have rubber duckies instead of goldfish, so I’d have to change the pic.
    This giveaway rocks!

  186. What fun! Thanks! I join the fan club and would like to do the children hooded pullover. 🙂

  187. Got your button on my blog!

  188. Tweet! Tweet! Twitter! Tweet!

  189. Oh my! I am a knitter (I’m BabywearKnittery on Ravelry) and I just need that Candle Flame scarf. I’m a fan on Facebook, too!


  190. I would like to make the Montavilla Market Tote. So cute!

  191. Following on twitter: fairtaxUSA

  192. I love these curtains.é_Curtain_Pattern__D50576220.html#patternYarns and I just joined the FB group, as requested. 🙂

  193. I think I accidentally didn’t put up a twitter for one of my posts…I hope that’s okay!

    But I did for this one!

  194. I would like to make a market bag so I can take it with me when I go shopping and not waste plastic bags.

  195. Following them on twitter: gcgrammy


  197. Thursday’s Tweet:

  198. I’d love to make some lacy headbands for my friends’ birthdays!

  199. I would like to make items from the Itty Bitty Nursery pattern book, such as the Circle and Stripes blanket and the jacket and mittens set. So adorable. I am so excited to find KnitPicks that I joined and fav’d them on Facebook, signed up to get their newsletter and a catalog. Blessings, Stefanie Hartman

  200. follow KnitPicks on Twitter id keepsakebaby

  201. I’d love to knit the Sheldon Baby Blanket pattern….that would be just yummy in that beautiful cotton. I joined the Knit Picks Facebook group, too. Thanks for the opportunity to sign up for the wonderful giveaway!

  202. I love socks: Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Socks Pattern


  203. I became a fan of knitpicks as Shelley Cyr (madmecyr at myfairpoint dot net).

    I also would try the ruffled wristlets. I wanted to find a baby sweater for my grandson, but I got error messages with all the following project pages…only the first would load. Love that cotton yarn; and organic too, safe for baby!

  204. I’d love to try the Op Art Bag Pattern. What a great contest!

    I also joined their FB page under Kathleen S. Walck

  205. I would love to make those Ruffled Wristwarmers. I might just dig through my stash and find some nice yarn and start them this weekend.

  206. Following Knit Picks on Twitter, sito50

    I tweeted again!

  208. This bird’s still singing!


  209. I had no idea KnitPicks was on Twitter and Facebook. Yay!

    I have four boys and none of them have a tooth fairy pillow. I hadn’t seen a knitting pattern for one until I looked on the Knit Picks site today. That would be my first project. Not glamorous, but definitely needed.

    I’ve also joined the FB group.

  210. AND ANOTHER TWEET! Same name, same place. New day!

  211. I like the Some Like It Hot gloves!

  212. I think the thing I would make first is the tooth fairy pillow. It’s adorable and my oldest is eager to start loosing teeth since her friends have started. lol Shouldn’t be much longer. She would love this pillow and I may make it whether I win or not! I love knitpicks!

    I am a fan of theirs on facebook too!

    Kendra Bowling

  213. added knitpicks on twitter kendrabowling

  214. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  215. I’ve already added your button to my blog

  216. Just blogged about the contest

  217. Tweeted for the day

  218. TWEET! TWEET! It’s Sunday again!

    I really hope all of this Twittering pays off!

  219. I would work on the lacy headband first. I joined the Facebook group. shanaleigh70 at yahoo dot com

  220. Victorian Lace Knit Cap would be so beautiful knitted up with that yarn!

  221. Joined the FB group!

  222. Another Twittery day!

  223. I would definitely do the generation purse pattern
    thanks for this awesome giveaway

  224. I’m a fan of their facebook group

  225. I’d love to start with the Fruity Bibs project.
    Following on FB and twitter too.

  226. It’s a new day! Tweet! Tweet!

  227. Entry 2: Added KnitPicks on Twitter. You can see who I’m following, but I prefer to keep my timeline private. Doesn’t seem like that would disqualify this entry.

  228. Entry 3: Added your button to my blog.

  229. Entries 3 & 4: Blogged and linked back.

  230. I’m not giving up!

    Here’s another twitter!

  231. I love the waves scarf pattern!

    added them on facebook too

  232. Twitter – Bonus Entry!!!

  233. Twitter – bonus entry!

  234. I like the Choose Your Own Adventure Placemats. I’m following Knitpicks on Twitter and joined the Facebook group — “became a fan”

  235. i want to knit the tooth fairy pillow. its so cute and how cute it would be for my little man

  236. i added as a fan on facebook username Victoria Barton vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  237. following on twitter username morgaine24 vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  238. i twittered

    vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  239. heres the link for my tweet disregard above comment vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  240. followed on twitter! Username: @lunapads

  241. With the cotton, I would knit the choose your own adventure placemats. But, I have some wool that I am going to have to use to make the Two at once, Toe up, Magic Loop Sock. I’m a fan of theirs on Facebook.

  242. I’m following on twitter.
    twitter: fringies

  243. I tweeted:

  244. I am a fan on facebook and want to start knitting Sheldon the Turtle as soon as possible

  245. Following tinapurl with @savingforhome

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