My Plate-Mate – Two for Tuesday ANOTHER Giveaway!

Have you ever watched your toddler try to eat “like a big kid”, but they get frustrated because the food slides right off of their plate? If you’re like me, you’ve taught your children not to scoop food onto the fork or spoon with their fingers. I wish that My Plate-Mate existed when I had toddlers! My kids actually could probably still use these today, especially when we have peas! My Plate-Mate is made in the USA and is BPA, lead, phthalate, PVC and polybicarbonate-free. My Plate-Mate has even been featured on NBC’s Today Show!

My Plate-Mate
is the perfect solution for the toddler who is always chasing food off the plate!

ThingsMomsLike is giving away a My Plate-Mate Set. You can choose from Blue and White or Pink and White.
Initial Entry:
To enter this giveaway, visit My Plate-Mate
and come back here and comment on who can use My Plate-Mate.

For additional entries,

1. Add ThingsMomsLike on Twitter and Tweet about this giveaway–post a link to your tweet here.

2. Add my button in the right column to your blog or website -post the link to your website here

3. Join my Facebook Group

THREE Extra Entries: If you Blog about this contest and post a link to the blog post here
You must make a separate comment for each of your entries Ends 11:59pm on May 22nd.


23 Responses

  1. My Plate-Mate is for kids (AND elders). I already follow you on Twitter. 🙂 Would love to add you to our favorite blogs.


  2. Kids,Elders and Special Needs can use this. Thank you!

  3. I follow on Twitter and tweeded

  4. Toddlers and those with special needs can use the plate.

  5. I just twitted. Sorry, these twitter apps don’t let me send a direct link to my twit, but it was an @ reply to you from @blacktating.

  6. My Plate-Mate promotes advanced self-feeding with toddlers and is an assisted eating aid for the elderly and for those with special needs.

  7. My Plate-Mate can be used for kids and seniors!

  8. TML Mother’s Day BONUS TWEET! (bluefroggie)

  9. My Plate-Mate can be used by kids, elderly and those with special needs.

  10. I am a fan of your facebook page Krista Michelle Schaffner

  11. anyone who spills or cant get food on their utensil, the yound or the old! bmarkey[at]travelers[dot]com

  12. my plate mate can be used by kids or elders. i would be using it for my 15 month old who would be using this very soon.

  13. They’re designed for kids 2+ and for elders.

  14. can be used for toddlers and elderly people. Great idea!

  15. i joined your facebook group!

  16. #1) Blogged about the giveaway and liked back to your site!

  17. My Plate-Mate can be used by kids, elders and Special Needs. This would be ideal for my 2.10 year old son who is trying to master eating by himself.


  18. Already a twitter follower of yours and just tweeted about this giveaway.

  19. Added your button to my blog.


  20. Became a fan of your Facebook group. (Armanda Amanda)

  21. either kids or parents, whoever could use some help

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