Brain, Child Magazine Giveaway! The Magazine for Thinking Moms

I am a huge Brain, Child Magazine fan. HUGE.

Over the years I have read some really terrible “parenting” magazines. Most of the content was advertisements for MORE baby gear that I wouldn’t use and there seemed to be a canned formula and cycle to the articles that were printed. I have read more articles about how to take away the pacifier or how to plan an extravagant first birthday party over the years than I can count on all of my fingers and toes.

I discovered Brain, Child Magazine about four or five years ago when my youngest was a baby and I have been hooked ever since! Brain, Child really IS the magazine for thinking mothers. There is such a wide variety of content that I don’t feel like I am ever reading the same thing twice and it’s not full of ads for bright, plastic toys that say they’ll make my child smarter.

Just in the most recent, Spring ’09 issue, there are articles about what you should say to your children about your partying or just less responsible years before they came along, mothering when you don’t live with your children, when mommy has a potty-mouth, and weighing the choice whether or not to have children. You will NOT read any of that in the mainstream “parenting” magazines.

I am also happy to say that there ARE advertisements in Brain, Child Magazine, but they are few and far-between. I counted nine advertisements aside from the two “Marketplace” pages in the back of the magazine and I am also happy to report that NONE of the advertisements made my eyes hurt.

My fellow blogging mommies will appreciate that on the outside back cover of the Spring 2009 issue, there is a list of blogs written by mothers.

Are you now officially in love with Brain, Child Magazine like I am? If you’re not, go check out the highlights of the Spring 2009 Issue and catch up, will you?

Okay, now that you’re with me, you want to win a one-year subscription to Brain, Child Magazine and I am going to tell you how!

Brain, Child Magazine is giving away TWO FREE one-year subscriptions ($19.99 value each) to lucky ThingsMomsLike readers!

Initial Entry: Sign up for their e-mail newsletter for updates and information about what’s going on at Brain, Child Magazine – The Magazine For Thinking Mothers–come back here and post the email address that you used to subscribe. You can spell out your email address if you don’t want it to be linked.

TWO extra entries if you join Brain, Child’s Facebook Group

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You must submit a separate comment for each of your entries or they will not be counted.

Giveaway ends 5/24/09


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  1. I signed up for the mailing list!


  2. Already on the email list, their facebook, your facebook and now I follow your blog as well 🙂

  3. I became a fan of theirs on Facebook!
    Jennifer Newswanger Smith

  4. I already follow you here. 🙂

  5. I signed up with Suzannelist @ sbcglobal dot net

  6. I signed up with the email mnoonan at nc dot rr dot com
    I actually got my first issues of BC to read from you though Amitymama and now love the magazine!

  7. I should have used my name above. I just signed up for the Facebook group, too! Thanks!

    mnoonan at nc dot rr dot com

  8. I love Brain, Child! Joined facebook and the mailing list. Great giveaway! Am also reposting it on twitter as Mama Renew.

  9. signed up with aaron.alison(at)

    also joining facebook group and retweet on twitter via @sweethomebirth


  10. I signed up to the mailing list!
    leanne at the clever mom dot com.

  11. I tweeted the giveaway, too!

  12. I love Brain, Child – thanks for the opportunity!

  13. I signed up with onlycancan ta hotmail tod com

  14. I’m a facebook fan!

    Candice Br….

  15. I signed up with the same email address that’s in my profile.

  16. Subscribed with! LOVE the mag too. Also became fan on FB.

  17. Oh, I would love this! I became a fan of theirs on facebook.


    jaltmichelle at hotmail dot com

  18. And signed up for their newsletter! Thanks for the opportunity.

    jaltmichelle at hotmail dot com

  19. Subscribed cbeargie (at)

  20. I have been signed up for their email list for a long time already.

    leetiebug1 at aol

  21. I tweeted.

  22. I signed up

  23. I signed up for your Facebook group!

    Michelle Est.

    jaltmichelle at hotmail dot com

  24. Annnnd I am slow to come to Twitter, but I follow you there now and sent my first tweet…

    @ espacemichelle

    jaltmichelle at hotmail dot com

  25. I voted — go team!

    jaltmichelle at hotmail dot com

  26. I’m now on their mailing list!

    mombalance at gmail tod com

  27. I signed up for thier newsletter

  28. I follow your blog

  29. i became a fan of their’s on facebook entry 1.

  30. Tweeted @ espacemichelle.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  31. A Monday Tweet @ espacemichelle! Thanks! Am starting to figure it out.

  32. I signed up for the newsletter. luvschweetheart at

  33. I became a fan of their facebook page. Krista Michelle Schaffner

  34. I became a fan of your facebook page
    Krista Michelle Schaffner

  35. I already have your button on my blog 🙂

  36. I already follow you on twitter and I tweeted this giveaway

  37. Joined the email list, Facebook group and now I’m following you. Thanks for the heads up about this magazine.

  38. Joined your FB fan page!

  39. signed up for the email newsletter

  40. following your blog!

  41. following Brain, Child Mag. on FB also!!!

  42. joined your FB group

  43. following your blog

  44. Cheer up, Charlie — sorry about that!

    Tuesday Tweet @ espacemichelle

  45. I signed up for the Brain Child newsletter!

  46. And….I follow you on Twitter and just tweeted about this giveaway! Great site, great giveaway! Thanks!

  47. Just tweeted again.

  48. Tweeted on Wednesday @ espacemichelle.


  49. I signed up for the newsletter!

    jena_indy at

  50. Joined your facebook group!

    Jenaffer Brandt Jenkins

  51. I signed up for the mailing list- thank you for this- I forgot to change my email with them- I LOVE brain, child!

    shopica at gmail dot com

  52. now a facebook fan of brain, child

    shopica at gmail dot com

  53. Thursday Tweet @ espacemichelle

  54. signed up for Brain Child Magazines email newsletter. What a find. This magazine is a great new discovery for me. Blessings, Stefanie Hartman

  55. 1 fav’d on Facebook the magazine

  56. follow you on Twitter and tweeted id keepsakebaby

    keepsakebaby Brain Child Magazine Giveaway at
    less than 5 seconds ago from web

  57. Tweeted the contest @newandgreenbaby Thanks!

  58. I subscribed to the mailing list:
    alexishinde at gmail dot com

  59. Am following you on twitter, & RT'd the giveaway.

  60. Friday Tweet @ espacemichelle


  61. Saturday tweet @ espacemichelle

    I was so paying attention; just missed the deadline, lol.

  62. Saturday Tweet: JeniSmith

  63. I’m with you on facebook already (Jeni Newswanger smith)

  64. Just signed up for the mailing list kendra_bowling@yahooDOTcom

  65. Just became a fan of theirs on facebook

  66. Following your blog now 🙂

  67. Just joined your facebook group.

  68. following on twitter and just tweeted about the giveaway


  69. Just added your button to my blog

  70. Monday Tweet @ espacemichelle. Thanks!

  71. I am now following your blog.

  72. Tuesday Tweet @ espacemichelle

  73. Just realized I am already a fan of Brain, Child on Facebook. Whoo hoo!

  74. Congrats on the move, and thanks for the sitewarming gift!

  75. Daily tweet

  76. I subscribed to the news letter at

  77. I become a fan on facebook as Stacie Lewin

  78. Became a fan on your facebook group as Stacie Lewin

  79. Daily tweet

  80. I joined your facebook fan page.

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