$3800 HomePlace Structures Playset Giveaway at MomDot!

I want this so bad I can taste it! Several years ago, we got a wooden playset on Freecycle that didn’t hold up for very long. It wasn’t great quality and although the kids did have some fun on it, it was quite small and not very sturdy. We gave it to someone to recycle the wood. Since we got rid of it, our backyard has been bare. I am not impressed by the quality of the sets I see at the Big Box stores and in this economy, spending the $$ to buy a really, really nice one like the one that HomePlace Structures is giving away at MomDot is just not in the cards for us.

When I saw this contest, my eyes flew open and my fingers went a-flyin’. I am so excited at just the IDEA that I could possibly win this Giveaway!

Although I am paranoid that it will decrease my odds, I wanted to let my readers know about this contest and I hope that if it isn’t ME that wins it, that it’s one of my readers. And that you’ll invite us over when you do!!!

Go enter the HomePlace Structures Playset Giveaway at MomDot now!!


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