Do you have a product that you want moms to see?

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 29th, I will be hosting “A Mother’s Day Giveaway A Day” every day through Mother’s Day. If you have a product that you think mothers would love to have for Mother’s Day, email me at thingsmomslike at gmail dot com and let me know that you want to participate. You can also use the PR form on the right column to submit info about your item.

I obviously only have 11 spots, so let me know right away and I’ll check it out. IN THE MIDST of the regular giveaways, I will also host a few impromptu “LIVE” giveaways where a winner is chosen within a span of a couple of hours and is able to enter as many times as they’d like.

Join in the fun!

And if you are a mom (or someone else) who wants to win some COOL stuff, please make sure that you subscribe to my blog (on the right), join my Facebook Group, add me on Twitter, etc. Just keep track because it’s gonna be a wild ride!


2 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see the goodies!

  2. Thanks for the link to a great book for girls !!
    My two daughters will love this !

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