BRIDE WARS DVD & Paper Shouts $25 GC Giveaway!

My daughter and I went to the theater to see BRIDE WARS. We both loved this movie and JUST the beautiful dresses are reason enough to watch this movie, in my opinion! I found the pairing of Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson an act of genius! Anne Hathaway plays Emma, the sweet, practical, responsible, conservative teacher and Kate Hudson plays her best friend Liv, a high-powered attorney who is aggressive and goes after what she wants.

They’ve thought of their perfect wedding day since they were little girls.

When their dream weddings are double-booked, their friendship (and sanity) is tested. The best friends find themselves competing for the wedding venue, guests and the perfect wedding that they’ve dreamt of since they were children.

This tale of friendship and sabotage is a must-see. It will make you laugh and maybe even shed a little tear. See it with your best friend. Or as in my case, your daughter.

Paper Shouts and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to offer an amazing giveaway package for you! This prize package includes a BRIDE WARS DVD (release date April 28th) and a $25 Paper Shouts Gift Certificate!

Paper Shouts offers fabulous cards for all occasions on recycled paper. Make an impression with their beautiful, unique designs! They have engagement announcements, wedding invitations, birth announcements, party invitations, graduation announcements, thank you cards and anything else you can think to send a card or a note for.

Paper Shouts is also offering a 15% discount for my readers. Just enter MomLikes as your promo code at checkout for this great deal!


1. visit the Paper Shouts website and come back and tell us which card from the Bridal Shouts section is your favorite. In the same post, tell us which character’s style you relate to more –Emma’s traditional, romantic style or Liv’s couture “on the best” approach?

2. You get an extra entry if you “Follow Me” on Twitter and post a tweet about the contest. Link me to the tweet in a comment. You can Tweet this contest for an entry ONCE A DAY for more chances!

3. Additional entry if you join my FACEBOOK GROUP

4. Another extra entry if you Grab My Button and put it in the sidebar on your website.

5. And yet ANOTHER entry if you link to me on your blog (please post a link to this).

Be sure to create individual comments for each of the above that you’ve done.

In addition to winning the BRIDE WARS DVD (release date April 28th) and a $25 Paper Shouts Gift Certificate, the winner will be entered in the Grand Prize drawing.

Grand Prize Drawing prizes include:

  • Grand Prize: 6 nights at the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort and airfare for 2 on AirTran airlines.
  • 1st prize: Sunglasses Worn by Kate Hudson in BRIDE WARS movie and $100 Paper Shouts Gift Certificate.
  • 2nd Prize: BRIDE WARS one-sheet signed by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and $50 Paper Shouts gift certificate.

This giveaway is open only to U.S. Residents and will end at 11:59pm on May 8th and the winner will be chosen on May 10th. The Grand Prize winner will be chosen by Paper Shouts and notified by May 31st.

You can check out the Bride Wars website to see previews, downloads, photo gallery and even a Bridal Beatdown Game!



31 Responses

  1. I like the black vintage lace..and I think I am a mix between the two–I am very traditional but I also want to look hip and modern too.

  2. I follow and tweeted

  3. My favorite is the “Little Bit’a Sky Lace”. I think I am more of an Emma…I like the more traditional and romantic style.
    Thanks for a nice giveaway!

  4. I like Peapod Springtime Floral – I am more of a Liv

  5. My daughter is the ultra modern chick and I am the classical mam. Together, we are a great combination as I tone her down and she dresses me up. Great background on your blog.

  6. I love the Chocolate Touch of Floral and I relate more to Emma.

    navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. I like the Chocolate Circular Celebration from Paper Shouts.

    I am more like Emma, traditional and romantic.


  8. i like the peopod springtime floral. and i like emma.

    samandsassy AT gmail DOT com

  9. I adore the Peapod Springtime Floral design and surprisingly I am actually in between the two characters Emma and Liv. Great Giveaway!

  10. I love the Black Vintage Lace wedding set and I am most like Emma’s traditional, romantic style.

    prpldy (at)

  11. I follow you on twitter… user name PRPLDY

    prpldy (at)

  12. I liked the Tangerine Branching Out Invitation set from the Traditional collection.

    specialk [dot] roxygirl [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. I like the Sky Blue Springtime Floral invitation. I haven’t seen the movie, yet, but I am definitely an Emma. 🙂

  14. I like the Modern Peach.. So pretty. I think I am more like Emma, Very Traditional although I picked the Modern. I really like the Modern Peach. Thanks for the chance. This movie looks fantastic, and the Paper Shouts would be for my beautiful niece who is engaged.

  15. Love the Black Vintage Lace. So pretty! I am more like Emma, more traditional, but I can also be assertive at times!

  16. i follow you on twitter and tweeted here

  17. Love the Peapod. It made me smile. Probably a mix between the two leaning toward traditional. Nice giveaway.
    jennymatlock at cox dot net

  18. Love the Light Green Flower bridal shower invite. Perfect for a spring or summer shower.

  19. I’m more like Emma and love the Spa Blue Bridal Shower invite.

  20. Emma
    Springtime peapod floral

  21. I prefer Emma’s tradition, romantic style. And I love the Peach Floral Engagement card!

  22. I’m a Facebook fan! (Annmarie DiPasqua Weeks)

  23. Chocolate Floral. I’m a go getter have to have what I want and will work darn work to get it.

  24. Chocolate Floral..i relate more to Emma

  25. Love the Pink Stmp save the date.

    So cute. I am traditional but modern as well. I used pink and green as my colors and Lily Pulitzer dresses for bridesmaids.

  26. Love the Pink Stmp save the date.

    So cute. I am traditional but modern as well. I used pink and green as my colors and Lily Pulitzer dresses for bridesmaids.

  27. Modern Tangerine Invite
    & Im a mix of both for sure!

  28. I’m an more like Liv I’m afraid. lol I also like the Black Vintage Lace wedding set which is probably something Emma would choose so maybe I am 50% Emma and 50% Liv.

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  29. Love black vintage lace.
    Very traditional and modern.

  30. I like the Peapod Springtime Floral and I’m definitely more Emma. Thanks for sharing~

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