Aww my poor husband!

The company he works for is an hour and 15 or hour and 20 minutes away. It snowed more than I’ve ever seen in the 4 years we’ve been here last night. THeir policy is to put an inclement weather message on their message line 2 hours before shift. The shift in the plant (DH works in the corporate, but it’s the same line) starts at 7am. DH called in at 6 to be sure he had to go and there was no message. It’s never closed for a snow day before AND because the plant is union and the corporate is not, even if the plant is closed, you are usually expected to be there if you’re corporate.

He drove to work. It took him more than 2 hours to get there because they didn’t really salt I-freaking-40 between here and there and he saw probably 10-12 accidents. And work was closed. He left here at 6:15 and texted me at 9 to say that work is closed, he’s coming home. W.T.F.?


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