My son is Alex P. Keaton

DH and I are big liberals. We just are. We don’t talk about it constantly, but our kids both know that we will be voting for Obama in this election. We ALSO are not anti-McCain and really never make much mention or comment on him at all because he’s not a part of our political views.

BUT, my 6 year old is constantly talking about how he likes McCain and would vote for him if he could. Of course, he has no reasons or anything, but he says that he doesn’t like Obama’s commercials and like’s McCain’s better. LMAO

It was funny because a McCain ad (actually an anti-Obama ad) came on the TV and he said yeah, I like McCain! And I jokingly said “Jordan, are you a Republican?” Just to get a laugh out of DH. But he very seriously looked at me and said “Yes”. He doesn’t know what a Republican is. I then said “Are you a Democrat?” He said “Nope”.

So crazy!

Just thought I’d share that. I KNEW that one of our kids would be a conservative. I knew it. LMAO Didn’t know they’d know it when they were SIX!!!


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