OMG guess this guy needs more help than my cat does

I was searching some information that might help my cat, who has scratched the side of her neck to a bloody pulp. Someone on a forum asked a similar question and this was the answer they got from someone:


RE: Cat Scratching His Neck
Post By Gynger (Guest Post) (09/21/2007)

Muh Cats Not Scratchin Nor Acting up In Any Way.. I Woke Up This Morning And He had A Little bald Spot Right Between His Two Ears.. I Touched it And it Seemed Like it Didnt Hurt.. Then Saw That The hair Is Juss Fallin Out Of The baldin Area. My Cats ery healthy.. Really Play Ful.. he Does Get Build Up In His Eyes Over Night.. But nothing Serious!! I Hant Seen His Scratch This Baldin Spot Ever.. Does Anyone Have Any Clue Why Muh baby Bois Baldin?? hes Around 3 years.. Thanx


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