Update on my doggie!

Little update…

My doggie is home now (we got her before dinner last night) and she was in a lot of pain when we brought her home. She was all whiney. I got permission to up her pain meds, and she seems to be doing better. She is all stitched up in the back legs and tail and under her tail. She hates the e-collar and while I am home and can watch her that she’s not licking the drains and stitches, I am letting her keep it off. She’s eaten a few times since she got home and got her to drink some water.

I have to take the photos I’ve taken to animal control today to add to our report and I need to get my DH to go over to their house this afternoon and present them with the bill and what we would like them to do (pay it). The total is $810…so far.

Her spleen became enlarged during surgery (they think from the anesthesia) and if that resolves itself, we’re good, but if it doesn’t that’s a $1000 removal and major surgery so it doesn’t burst.

We’ll see.

Oh, and not sure if I mentioned before that one of her canine teeth was knocked out and they had to stitch up the hole there so stuff didn’t get up into it.


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